The Need For Electrical Installations

Fully qualified electricians do electrical installations; the law does not permit an unqualified person to perform these functions due to the danger involved. Many people have lost their lives or have been injured by sheer negligence and ignorance. Electrical wiring is a specialized field and best left to the experts.   
Electricians who have installed or inspected electrical wiring in a building, must be able to sign it off as correct and they can only do so if they have obtained the necessary qualifications. They are however not only involved in the wiring of buildings but also work on machines and other electrical equipment.  
Electrical installations and the maintenance thereof are important if you want continued power in your house, office, shop, or business. As things stand, outages occur in South Africa from time to time and people are often left without power when cables are stolen or when lightning strikes. Households have become very dependent on the availability of power; the lights are run with it, as well as fridges, televisions, and computers. Garage doors and entrance gates are automated and dependant on a constant power source.  
In an office environment, all the faxes, printers, elevators and cash registers need electricity to keep the operation running. Staff cannot charge cell phones and other electronic equipment and batteries do not last forever. During an outage many shops close their doors because they cannot control their security; the lights go down, the tills do not work and security cameras do not function. The shop owner is at risk of theft.   
The installation of lighting in towns and cities reduces the risk of crime and personal attacks. Lighting has certainly made life easier on many fronts; people can work after the sun has set and hospital personnel can carry on with essential services such as emergency operations and treatments.
Industrial and commercial operations in airports and harbours continue for the benefit of countries and employees. Electric gates open and close on a 24 hours basis as trucks come and go with their cargo.