How To Install Air Conditioners

 There are no hard and fast rules in installing an air conditioner, but VERY important is that the NO HARD RULES is highly dependent on the model of air conditioning one is installing.  
Window air coolers are easy to install, require no professional installation, and even better is that you can detach them from the wall or window when you no longer need them.  It’s important to first measure the area you want to cool and to also calculate how heavy the conditioner you will need is.  You have to know in which area you want to install your air conditioner, so that it does not defeat the purpose of installing it there.
You then have to install the mounting brackets that came in with the air conditioner.  
Roof air conditioners are installed by professionals because of the complexities involved in the installation.  One of the things the technician has to do is make sure that the wires are connected on the overheard of the air conditioner.   
Before you install an electrical air conditioning you will need some planning however.  You have to make sure that the main power supply supports the system that you about to install.  Please consult a qualified electrician before doing this.  Please note that not consulting the electrician is very dangerous because you will be connecting a system not supported by your power supply. You will then have to make sure that the ducts to connect that transport either the cold air or the hot air are installed in your air conditioning.  If they are not then you have to make sure that they are first before you physically hook the conditioner in.  
Please note that all electrical devices come with a manual attached to them, and one has to read the manual attached and follow all instructions carefully.  The same rule applies to air conditioners, if you do not follow installation instructions, then you will either break you air conditioner or worse hurt yourself and others.  NEVER touch the spinning blades of your air conditioner when it’s on.