Emergency Plan When There Is No Hot Water

So, it’s Monday morning and you’ve had a particularly refreshing weekend. You even managed to make time to put some final touches to the presentation you will make this morning at work and thankfully, you have woken up on time. You hit the shower and… no hot water. Still feeling upbeat, you turn the taps around a couple of times, still, no hot water. You get out of the shower, a little irritated and check the mains; the geyser switch is on. Now you are really anxious, you head back to the shower and stop to check the time on your way there. After playing with the taps a few more minutes, you realize, you do not have hot water this morning. You can still make it to work on time but how do you prepare without hot water. What now?
Well, you could go risk offensive natural odor and brave the day with only a quick face wash. Though this will save a bit of time, it is not really a solution. Your biggest pot is more like it, in fact; maybe a couple of big pots are the order of the day. While you are waiting for the water to boil, use this time to do things you would normally do after your shower. Pack your lunch and get your bags ready. Make sure your car keys are out. It is highly recommended that you also call your landlord or building maintenance manager and report the problem. If you own the property, then call a plumber or electrician to look at the problem. If it is before office hours, make a reminder on your phone to call and an appointment for when you are someone else will be at home.
Your microwave will also save you when the shower gives you a nasty, cold water surprise. You can quickly bring water to the boil using the microwave. With enough loads of water, you can still enjoy a relatively deep tub of water. Of course, it would be no use to bother with your hair so, just brush it neatly and you are good to go.