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Can’t find a reliable electrical company in Newlands? Fantastic! our expert and friendly specialists are available for each & every type or kind of job. We’re there round the clock, so give us a call and our technicians will be on our way to deal with your electrical fault.

Richie Rich Newlands Electricians Services in Cape Town?

Services in Newlands (Cape Town)
Before trying to take care of the fault on your own, just let one of our master technicians correct it for you. Our electrical services in Newlands include but are not limited to electrical safety certificates (coc), repairing and installing circuit breakers and boxes, electrical maintenance and servicing, switchboard upgrades, prepaid meters, servicing of air conditioners, faulty lights and plugs, electric earth leakages repairs, lighting installations, power backup inverter. Contact our friendly staff on the form here

Electrical Compliance Inspection

  • Certificate of Electrical COC evaluations in Newlands
  • Certificate of Compliance upgrade jobs
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Need a certified Home Electrician

  • Reliable quotes, fair prices
  • We service Newlands and many in Cape Town with the same enthusiasm
  • Richie Rich complies with Occupational Health and Safety standards

Need a qualified Company Electrician

  • We provide a broad range of electrician and technical services
  • We also have different levels of skill to cater for the varying needs of our clients
  • We are always seeking ways to improve our offering

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