No Hot Water

No hot water is the ultimate nightmare especially when one discovers this when it’s time to get up and go to work, the first point you should check is the distribution board which is the electric board to check if the switch for the geyser is up or down. If the switch is down this your geyser has not been heating up the water at all while you were asleep so it is very advisable to push it up and wait for about thirty minutes for the water to warm up, should happen that the switch drops down immediately after pushing it up it means that there is an electrical fault on your geyser that needs to be fixed. Next question is “ who do you call “ an electrician or plumber? Generally the plumber has the knowledge of any geyser problem so calling a plumber would be best.

Please bear in mind that there should be a faulty part in the geyser which the plumber must to see what it is and bill you for it. You will also be billed for labour to fix your no water problem, to given an idea of what the parts of the geyser are the thermostat which regulates the geyser’s temperature, this thermostat is not to be confused with the found in car’s engine. Since today everybody is claiming to go green and being environmentally friendly people who have no hot water are getting solar panel geysers installed for free at these RDP houses built by government, the good thing is that the geysers actually last longer than the actual houses themselves.

The other factor that could be the cause of having not hot water is the pressure valve this is made to take water from the main pipeline system to the geyser, when the valve does not work or is faulty the hot water will no longer be hot or the pressure will be too low or there will no hot water at all. No hot water is real problem especially when you have lived your life waking up to hot water everyday and when it is not there anyway it will feel like the end of the world however it is not, it is just a problem that has a solution if you contact the right perons.