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Can not find a master electrical company in Lansdowne? Fantastic! our expert and friendly staff are available for each & every type or kind of job. We are available 24 h a day, so ring us today and one of the technical operatives aid in fixing the issue.

Our Lansdowne Electricians Solutions in Cape Town?

Services in Lansdowne (Cape Town)
We have experience correcting every kind of problem: from blown fuses to complete electrical failure; from tripped switches to circuit repairs. Our electrical services in Lansdowne include but are not limited to garage door & gate automation, battery back-up systems, dedicated plug points, rerouting of electrical pipes, electric fencing, installing/repairing ceiling fans, three phase installations, residential electrical services, project management on all electrical work, code corrections. Contact our friendly staff on the form here

Compliance Certificate

  • Certificate of Electrical COC inspections in Lansdowne
  • Certificate of Electrical Compliance repair jobs
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Need a certified Household Electrician

  • For large or small – for new builds, existing renovations, upkeep jobs
  • We service Lansdowne and all areas in Cape Town with the same enthusiasm
  • We use the highest quality equipment

Need a qualified Company Electrician

  • Written call back guarantee on materials and work performed
  • We only use the latest technology available
  • We perform on the job training

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