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By having years of experience our electrician services in Onverwacht is one of the top expert electric contracting companies in all areas of Onverwacht. Why not take a look at some of our electrical project services below, or visit our household and / or business related electrician service page for more info how our company may help you.

Our Onverwacht Electrical Solutions in Gordons Bay?

Services in Onverwacht (Gordons Bay)
We undertake emergency electrical services, maintenance checks and we do a myriad of installations and electrical upgrades in Onverwacht. Richie Rich services in Onverwacht include but are not limited to geyser heat pumps and geyserwise system, repairing/installing fuse boards, electrical maintenance and servicing, electrical inspections, electric fencing, 24 hour emergency call out, electric fences and security systems, network maintenance, electrical issues, air conditioning. Contact our friendly staff on the form here

Electrical Compliance Certificate

  • Certificate of Electrical Compliance inspections in Onverwacht
  • Certificate of Compliance repair jobs
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Need a certified Household Electrician

  • Our company has a outstanding dedication for our work, our employees and our customers
  • We handle all customers and all tasks with utmost respect
  • We will inform you as soon as possible of any potential delays

Need a qualified Company Electrician

  • We offer a wide range of electrical and electrical services
  • We also have different levels of skill to cater for the varying needs of our clients
  • We are always looking for ways to improve our service

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    Home Electrical
    Servicing all suburbs of Cape Town our home electricians can handle a broad range of your new or existing homes, management body, gated complex, or any other household electrician service (all sizes of jobs).

    View our residential electrician page for more info.

    Commercial / Retail Electrician
    Our business or commercial electrician services extend to new construction projects, factory or retail electrical jobs.

    Office electrical & contractual maintenance and long term service contractors to keep your business or operation in running order. View our corporate electrician solutions page for more info.

    Approved Electrician Cape Town
    Our staff is centrally located in Cape Town for Northern and Southern Suburbs jobs.
    Cape TownCallouts to all areas in Cape Town.

    All electrician tasks performed by qualified electricians with quality materials. We strive for service excellence and value for money electrical services.