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Our organisation specialises in any domestic & company electrician installations, re-wiring, upkeep, faults and repairs in Muizenberg. We install large kitchen appliances and related equipment at the office or at home in Muizenberg.

Richie Rich Electrical Muizenberg Solutions in Muizenberg?

Services in Muizenberg (Muizenberg)
We have background repairing every kind of problem: from blown fuses to complete electrical failure; from tripped switches to circuit repairs. Our services in Muizenberg include but are not limited to geyser heat pumps and geyserwise system, electrical safety certificates, electrical maintenance and servicing, switchboard upgrades, upgrade and repairs of db boards (distribution boards), all types of electrical starters, power failures, installation designs, outdoor lighting, repairing outlets and switches. Contact our friendly staff on the form here

Electrical Compliance Inspection

  • Certificate of Compliance inspections in Muizenberg
  • Certificate of Electrical COC upgrade jobs
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Need a certified Household Electrician

  • We are honest and take the time to understanding each customers needs
  • We treat all types of customers and all tasks with respect
  • Richie Rich complies with the Occupational Health & Safety guidelines

Need a qualified Company Electrician

  • We have a fast response time
  • Latest equipment and materials available
  • We are always looking for ways to improve our offering

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