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Can not find a professional electrician in Mansfield? Great! our professional and friendly electricians are ready and able for nearly any sort of job. Our electricians in Mansfield are ready round the clock, so give us a shout and our technicians will be right on our way to deal with your electrical fault.

Our Electricians Mansfield Services in Gordons Bay?

Services in Mansfield (Gordons Bay)
We have background repairing every kind of problem: from blown fuses to complete electrical failure; from tripped switches to circuit repairs. Our electrical services in Mansfield include but are not limited to diagnostics on ongoing electrical problems, certificate of compliance & inspection, emergency electrical work, landlord certificates, solar panels, batteries & pump suppliers, electrical maintenance, security system installation, air conditioners installation, rewiring, project management of electrical work. Contact our friendly staff on the form here

Electrical Compliance Certificate

  • Certificate of Electrical COC evaluations in Mansfield
  • Certificate of Electrical COC repair tasks
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Need a certified Household Electrician

  • We have a great passion for our work, our staff and our customers
  • Richie Rich has a code of conduct for all electricians on job sites
  • Richie Rich complies with the Occupational Health and Safety guidelines

Need a qualified Company Electrician

  • We have a very fast turnaround time
  • We also have different levels of skill to cater for the varying needs of our clients
  • We handle our clients electrical issues

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    Home Electrical Services
    Servicing all areas of Cape Town our home electrical staff can handle a broad range of your current or existing homes, management body, complex, or any other residential electrical service (all types of jobs).

    See our residential electrician page for more info.

    Commercial / Retail Electrician
    Our commercial electrician services handle new construction, factory or retailer electrical requirements.

    Office electrician and contractual maintenance and extended contractors that will maintain your company or operation in working order. View the commercial electrical solutions page for more.

    Electricians in Cape Town
    Head office is located in Cape Town for Northern and Southern Suburbs jobs.
    Cape TownCallouts to all locations within Cape Town.

    All Mansfield tasks performed by certified contractors with quality materials. We take pride on our service excellence & value for money electrical services.